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Pittsburgh Podcamp 8

Right now, I’m at Pittsburgh Podcamp 8. This is a social media get-together where we can learn about various aspects of online interactions. I wasn’t going to mention this day. UnSpace is about science. What was I thinking? As a child, computers were huge machines that took up rooms and…

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Science Links from Around the Web

I stalled yesterday trying to write another article on geoengineering to reduce global warming. There were two problems: I wanted to mention that the Martians attempted to “martiform” the Earth in H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds.” The origin of the word “terraform” is to give something the “likeness”…

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Water, Martian Dirt and Life

The water molecules absorbed by a hygroscopic salt are not called "The Solvation Army" They should be.

In a paper just released, “Mars soil contains a huge amount of water, reports NASA’s Curiosity rover.” (1) If you’re interested in making drinking water, check out this video: So Mars Has Water. Could We Drink It? Unfortunately, getting potable water out of the soil will be difficult, especially with…

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September 21 Bits and Bytes

Here are some links to interesting articles I’ve spotted this morning; I hope you find them interesting also: We’ve got a bit more time to move: Earth Expected to be Habitable for Another 1.75 Billion Years Deep Impact Did a science and kept going far longer than expected…but: NASA’s Deep…

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