I’m Rob Carr. Not only am I the author of the UnSpace blog, but I’m the editor, webmaster and the intern who goes out for coffee.

I was doomed to become a scientist. When a little kid insists on keeping a Christmas ornament up all year, not because it reminds him of Christmas and presents, but because it reminds him of the Telstar satellite and space, the future’s pretty much set in stone. That was me.

I’ve got a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Chemistry and Biology. With a little thought, I could have had a quadruple major that included Physics and Math. I’ve done a lot of advanced study in Chemical Engineering. As a result, I wound up taking three different thermodynamics classes. There’s a part of me that hates thermo, but it’s just so darn useful.

My work path has been a bit unusual. I’ve worked in a biochemistry lab characterizing lens capsule collagen, been a paramedic instructor and crew chief, wrote freelance for a number of years, and just recently finished up a 6 year stint as a Director of Communications. In that last job, I did a lot of editing, photography and artwork.

So that’s what I’m bringing to UnSpace. My goal is to do an interesting “mostly science” blog and have fun.