Back in 2004, I began a blog. I tend to think differently from most people I know. I see things from a different perspective, approach questions in a different way and maybe even reach conclusions using different methods. I guess I’ve always felt like I was a bit of an outsider. So I chose the blog name “UnSpace.”┬áIf “space” was normal,” “unspace” would be a different place, if you could even speak of “place.”

The blog has been written and then scrapped several times. Before starting the most current iteration, I asked “Why should anyone listen to me?” I looked around at many blogs with articles claiming ridiculous things, written by people with degrees and years of experience as scientists who should have known better. And I realized my background, fascination, and experience in science meant nothing.

If I’m going to write an article about science, I have to provide references to everything. You don’t have to believe me. Look at my sources–and there had better be sources for everything. Where it’s speculation, I have to point out that it’s my personal speculation and that I could be wrong.

You should read me because I will show you where to read about the topic.

There’s gonna be footnotes all over the place….