Back in 2004, I began a blog. I tend to think differently from most people I know. I see things from a different perspective, approach questions in a different way and maybe even reach conclusions using different methods. I guess I’ve always felt like I was a bit of an outsider. So I chose the blog name “UnSpace.”┬áIf “space” was normal,” “unspace” would be a different area, if you could even speak of “area.”

Well, that and it was short and wasn’t taken on Blogspot. The capital “U” and capital “S” with everything else lowercase was a branding fad back then. You’ll notice the current logo is in a font with no lower case. I will probably change the logo soon–it was just something I threw together using an image from the surface of Mars and the letters as a mask. Maybe I’ll keep the capitalization scheme or maybe I’ll let that fade. Who knows?

My organic chemistry professor defined organic chemistry as “Things that interest organic chemists.” Ultimately, this blog is about things that interest me and I hope will interest others. Usually, that means it’s about science. I hope that it might even be a form of STEM–an effort to interest others in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But blogs tend to be expressions of ego, and in that way it’s no different than most other blogs.