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@realscientists Features David Schiffman This Week

@realscientists Features David Schiffman This Week

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Every week, @RealScientists on Twitter has a “real scientist” talk about what they’re doing as a way of showing the public what “real scientists” do. This week features David Schiffman (@WhySharksMatter), “a Ph.D. student at the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy at the University of Miami…“. David grew up in Pittsburgh. (1) He’s working toward his Ph.D. by studying the ecology and conservation of sharks.

I’m looking forward to following our native son on @realscientists this week as he explains his work and answers questions! (2)


  1. David’s not the only marine scientist I know from Pittsburgh. Maybe the Three Rivers give people a taste for even more water! 😉 The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium has a great shark exhibit, too. []
  2. (Maybe it will make up for the Discovery Channel’s disastrous Shark Week Megalodon fraud. My wife, Nancy, still hasn’t forgiven the Discovery Channel for that one. If it’s not Mythbusters, we’re not watching it, and she’s even annoyed at the Mythbusters promos which seem to offer new episodes of Mythbusters but are repeats. []

Written by Rob Carr


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