What’s Come Before

Back in 2004, I started a small Blogspot blog called UnSpace. The blog was about whatever I happened to be interested in at the moment. A lot of times, that “whatever” happened to be about science.

In 2007, I took on a job and the blog became a liability. The possibility that my opinions might become confused with those of my employer was significant. I decided to shut the blog down. During the six years I had that job, I attempted to reactivate the blog, but by then I just didn’t have the time for any sort of regular output.

Recently, I resigned from that job. One of the consequences is that I’m bringing the UnSpace blog back, but the emphasis will be different.

UnSpace will be about science topics. The top categories will be “Physics,” “Chemistry,” “Biology,” “Psychology,” “Mathematics ” and “Science & Religion.” There’s a final topic, “Recursion,” which will be about the UnSpace blog itself.

As a side note: Why the title UnSpace? When I first started the blog, I was reading a couple articles about parallel universes and wondering what was between those universes. “Unspace” was a possible term to describe that, and it seemed to denote going beyond “thinking outside the box.” I was thinking outside the universe (or possibly outside the multiverse, or possibly outside all the multiverses or…well, you get the idea). While I make a strong distinction between speculative physics and practical physics (and understand which is which), I love playing with ideas.

Besides, I own the domain. Using the title UnSpace is cheaper than buying a new domain.

Written by Rob Carr

Website: http://www.unspace.net